Psychotherapeutic group

                       Psychotherapist Maryna Svitasheva Ph.D., OACCPP member,
                                                           Invites you to
                     (with a dynamic)
             Working on trauma-related issues (history of painful relationship, traffic accidents, eating issues, anxiety, phobias, difficulties in communication, etc.)
                               12 sessions
                      Starting in September
             One two-hour session per week
                    On Saturday afternoon
                      Cost $10 per session
   Preliminary individual free meetings will take place in August
                        310 Danforth ave.

    To make an appointment call  416-886-9392

       The benefits of the group therapy
       # It is much easier (than going through the individual therapy) to transfer your new healthy experience – developed in the group – to your every day social life.
      # The therapeutic process is continuing for you even when the therapist is not focused on you directly.
      # The members of the therapeutic group are supposed to be active participants, not passive listeners. Nevertheless you participate in the process in your own emotionally affordable way.
      # Dealing with others’ feelings and experience may be as much beneficial as therapeutic work on your own experience. Therapist’s support is guaranteed.
      # Finally – group therapy is much more affordable financially.

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  1. maybe i should try this on..i need someone to talk to on what i have felt lately..i need therapy..i need to relax my mind, i'm so stressed out and i need to let it out..

    psychotherapy techniques

    nevertheless you are not in

    have you seen my new posting?
    may be now you are ready?
    Also you may just try to contact me, ask any questions.
    The group starts on coming Sat Feb 9.

    I enjoyed. this group very much. The theropist did a great helping the group discussed thier issues. She worked with everyone of deal with our problems.

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