(Renew the vision of your eating-style)

When we are not happy with our appetite, our relationship with food, and our weight control, one of the traditional approach point us to our metabolism. Many books give detailed information on calorie-counting and activity levels, and healthy eating problems, and correct behavioral eating skills. I offer an alternative approach to consider all these problems. From psychological point of view we can detect many new questions and answers about
-why one prefers a certain amount of food,
-whether it suits the needs of one's organism,
-whether something can be done to make the desirable regulation possible.
This lecture will give you a couple of metaphors, discussions, and of course new information, to help you to become conscious about the role of eating in your life and the role of your personality in your eating.
Different people have problems of different severity, but this seminar is supposed to be useful for all.

Date: February 27 (Sunday), 12 pm.
The leader: Maryna Svitasheva Ph.D., Psychotherapist
The seminar lasts 1 hour (+ 15-20 min for questions)
The group may include not more than 12 persons.
Please let me know your name and - in a nutshell (or in details, if you wish)– the nature of your interest.
Address 34 Berwick ave., suit # 34.
“Traditional Healing Center”
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